Saturday, 30 June 2012

Sleek Bright Matte Eyes

My new best friends are the new palettes from Sleek, the Ultra Mattes. I simply adore the combination of colours and every time I look at them I just get tons of inspiration. I also wanted to try the new Eau La La Liners and what could possible be better than combining them both?!

Primer - Illamasqua's Fat Pencil in Perverse
Shadows - Sleek Ultra Matte Palette in V1; Dragon Fly, Bamm! & Cricket and V2; Fern, MadMineral Mulit Use Pigment in Whisper Gold & Whisper Mint
Eyeliner - Sleek Eau La La Liner in Blue Moon with V2 Fern on top
Eyepencil - Sleek Eau La La Liner in Canary Yellow
Mascara - Helena Rubinstein Mascara Lash Queen in Feather in Black
Brows - Illamasqua's Fine Pencil in Eerie with Yaby Brow Shade No.2 on top


Royal Leaf Gold Lips

Time for some creative lips! This time I tried a blue hue together with leaf gold. Perhaps not something one would wear out, if your not very brave, but still rocks on photos! Just make sure not to get blue lipgloss on the gold parts, they tend to turn green...

I used Leaf Gold from eBay and OCC Lip Tar in RX!


Friday, 29 June 2012

Paranoid Hot Orange Eyes

Thought it was about time for some orange smokey eyes with tons of glitter. I know I've said it before but the NYX Candy Glitter Liners are a joy to work with and just so simple to spice up your eye make up! I actually got my hands on some new Candy Glitter Liners that I just have to show you, they're divine colours for the summer! Also, tossing on some glitter is just perfect to make your eye make up last longer, awesome for hot summer days!!

Primer - Illamasqua's Fat Pencil in Perverse
Shadows - Inglot Eyeshadow Matte 361 & 366, Inglot Eyeshadow in D.S. 365 Illamasqua Powder Eyeshadow in Lestat, Mad Mineral Multi Use Mineral  Colors in Paranoid & Whisper Gold, Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow in Tako
Eyeliner - Precision Ink in Abyss from Illamasqua
Eyepencil -  Illamasqua S.O.P.H.I.E pencil
Glitter - NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Gold & Hot Orange
Mascara - Helena Rubinstein Mascara Lash Queen in Feather in Black
Brows - Fine Pencil Eerie from Illamasqua 


NYX Candy Glitter Liners- Summertime

These are the newest addition in our glitter liner stash. Perfect colours for the summer and the more brighter looks! They're incredible vivid but so hard to capture on photo! Take a look here to see a longer review of the NYX Candy Glitter Liner!

Hot Yellow, Lime, Hot Orange, Passion 

You can buy the goodies at these places:
Joy's Cosmetics
East End Cosmetic

Phlox & Azure

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Smokey Brown


I felt for a dark look, so this is how it ended.
It's been a while since I did a brown look and then I realized that it doesn't happen too often. I simply choose colours over browns, I think.
Anyhow, I used pure black for this one, eh well not totally pure since it's filled with a lot of sparkles...
Yes, I'm talking about Stella from SugarPill! Easy to use, easy to love!

Products in use:
Primer - Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eye Shadow Helper
Shadows - Loose Eyeshadow Stella from SugarPill, Illamasqua Pure Pigment in Furore, & Barry M Fine Glitter Dust in Iridescent Gold
Eyepencil - S.O.P.H.I.E Pencil by Illamasqua
Mascara - Skinny Brush Mascara from Eyeko
Brows - Le Crayon Eyekohl from Lancome in Bronze


Wednesday, 27 June 2012

A ton of sparkle!

After seeing Phlox using Majoras Mask I wanted to use it myself.
It's a cold purple filled with millions of sparkles in different hues, kind of like Puzzle Cube only Majoras Mask is purple.
And who can restist a ton of sparkles? Well not me!
Shiro Cosmetics has really grown on me and I'm being positively surprised by their excellent pay off and range of colours! I have to restrain myself everytime I enter her webpage so I won't order everything!

Majoras Mask is from The Legends Collection, inspired by characters from the Zelda Games, and how wonderful isn't that?
What's your favorite pigment from Shiro, and how badly do I need to have it?

Products in use:
Primer - Too Faced Shadow Insurance Glitter Glue
Shadows - Puzzle Cube, Majoras Mask, Din's Fire & LikeLike from The Legends Collection, & Team Rocket from the Super Effective Collection, all from Shiro Cosmetics
Eyepencil - Eau La La Liner in White Noise from Sleek
Eyeliner - Sleek Glitter Eyeliner Dip It in Gem & Rebel
Mascara - Phenomen'Eyes Mascara from Givenchy in Black
Brows - Le Crayon Eyekohl in Bronze from Lancome

Over and out!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Sleek Eau La La Liners

We've been very curious of the new eye pencils from Sleek since the day they were released! Needless to say, we just had to get some!!

So glad we did, because these are a joy to work with. They're creamy yet dryish and sets extremely well, it's hard to describe their consistency! Perfect for those of you out there who really wants something that lasts for days. The first time I tried them on, I had some trouble getting them off my hand. I was forced to take some pure oil on a cotton pad, but even after doing so there was still some traces left from the burgundy and blue colour!! 

We've been searching after a screaming yellow colour in an eyepencil for quite a while now, and finally the search is over!!

Enough said, let's take a look at them!

All piled up...

Blue Moon, White Noise, Canary Yellow, Pumpkin, Venom
Only bad thing is now we want all of them....

Have you tried them? Any thoughts or tricks?

Phlox & Azure

NYX Mega Shine Gloss Goddess Of The Night in Gold Pink

I know we've had this up before but I just had to show it again.
I'm in love with this deep pink colour together with that gold sheen! The best combo in a gloss ever, if you ask me!
And when it comes to glosses and me, I like to use a LOT to create the mirror-like surface on the lips.
Big kisses, anyone?  Mooooah!
The colour has such a good name; Gold Pink 131 Goddess of the Night from NYX

You can watch Phlox use this treasure here.


Monday, 25 June 2012

I'm a Retrofuturist!

Remember when I showed Bloody Mary from NYX and saying I liked the perfect combo of pink and red in a lipstick?
Well here's another one, but with a mixture of orange and red together. Superb!
And the glossyness of this lipstick is beyond amazing! I have a weakness for glossy lipsticks!
I'm talking about Retrofuturist from Lime Crime1
Isn't it lovely!??


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Sleek Blush in Scandalous

This is such a beauty!!
It's a bright red that gives your cheeks a healthy blush and the best part is that it's so easy to blend. So don't be afraid that you will end up with doll-looking cheeks (unless you want to).
And for all of you who has been searching for the red eyeshadow that doesn't fade to pink this is the one (use your own discretion!!). This red hue has an undertone of orange so problem solved!!

Think this one was in the limited section, but pretty sure you still can find it at Boots or Superdrug. If not, there's always eBay....

Give it a go!!!
Phlox & Azure

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sleek Ultra Mattes V1 Colourful Eyes

Time to try a more colourful look with the awesome new palette from Sleek, V1! And may I just say that I like it so much!

Primer - Illamasqua's Fat Pencil in Perverse, NYX JEP in Purple (under the eye)
Shadows - Sleek Palette Ultra Matte in V1: Pout, Sugarlite, Pucker Bamm! & Strike, Mad Mineral Multi Use Mineral  Colors in Whisper Gold
Eyeliner - Precision Ink in Abyss from Illamasqua
Eyepencil - S.O.P.H.I.E pencil also from Illamasqua
Glitter - NYX Candy Glitter Liner in Gold & Purple
Mascara - Helena Rubinstein Mascara Lash Queen in Feather in Black
Brows - Fine Pencil Eerie from Illamasqua 

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